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Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe - Bánh Xèo Cooking Kit

Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe - Bánh Xèo Cooking Kit

Experience one of Vietnam’s most iconic dishes. Vietnamese sizzling crepes (Bánh xèo) are best enjoyed on a balmy night with family and friends, with the light and fresh flavours perfectly pairing with a cold beer and lots of laughter. This cooking kit and simple step-by-step cook-along video has been designed to build your confidence in Vietnamese home cooking, allowing you to serve bánh xèo even on a school night.

We will be preparing these crispy sizzling crepes filled with succulent prawns, pork, bean sprouts and earthy mung beans, wrapped in lettuce cups with basil, mint, coriander and served with a sweet and zesty Vietnamese fish sauce dipping sauce.

This cooking kit is equipped with the ‘hard to find’ Vietnamese pantry essentials you will need to recreate my tasty bánh xèo recipe. The cooking kit has been curated to allow you to recreate the recipe not once but twice, and each time comfortably serving a family of 4-6.

  • Bánh Xèo cooking kit includes:

    • Erawan rice flour 500g
    • 2 x Emma coconut cream powder 50g
    • Split mung beans 375g
    • Recipe card

    To make this accessible Australia-wide and to ensure you have the freshest ingredients possible, there will be a little bit of shopping required.


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