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Roast duck and rice

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Duck in comparison to chicken is a hard game to master. Hong-Kong style roast duck is consumed amongst the Vietnamese-Australian community mostly through Chinese take-away and BBQ shops. This is not a recipe per se but an ode to Hong-Kong style roast duck and rice, a particularly special childhood memory.

Growing up, roast duck and rice was a meal that could feed our family of four and a Friday night take-away treat. While most households in our area were ordering pizza or picking up a charcoal chicken on the way home from work, in the Lu household, Hong Kong style roast duck was the preferred choice.

With less meat per kilogram when compared to chicken, it’s not particularly bang for buck (or should I say, duck) but at around $30 per roast duck, the sensory experience it brings forth is invaluable. Hong Kong style roast duck boasts an outer layer of seasoned crispy skin, that when carved reveals a juicy but tender meat that’s well seasoned with Chinese aromats; namely Chinese five spice powder. Its method involves a very technique driven traditional style of cooking and thus, a challenge to replicate in a home setting. This is why most families rely on their local Chinese BBQ chef, not purely for convenience but for consistency and flavours that have been skillfully perfected over time.

So what are you waiting for? Steam up some rice, send someone down to the local Hong-Kong BBQ shop, and serve with some freshly sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. You'll be doing yourself a favour, for flavour!

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