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Duncan Lu Anchovy Salt

Duncan Lu Anchovy Salt

Duncan Lu Anchovy Salt is the perfect MSG substitute to add UMAMI flavour to your everyday cooking.

What is Anchovy salt?
Sea salt and anchovies are combined in wooden barrels and aged for 1 year. The sea salt is collected then immersed in first pressed 40°N premium fish sauce for 28 days.

The now flavour-packed salt is dehydrated and ground to produce Duncan Lu Anchovy Salt.

By utilizing a natural fish sauce made with traditional fish sauce making techniques, we are eliminating the necessity for additives and MSG.

View some of Duncan's recipes with Anchovy Salt:

  • 250g resealable pouch

    Duncan Lu Anchovy Salt adds a natural touch of umami to vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. It is made from traditional Vietnamese fish sauce fermentation methods. It's extra fine grain is ideal for seasoning and a replacement to process table salts and MSG.

    Ingredients: sea salt, anchovies

    - Gluten Free
    - Additive Free


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