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Vietnamese Coffee Kit

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Kit

Watch Duncan demonstrate how to make the Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da) on YouTube.


Check out Duncan Lu's Vietnamese iced coffee recipe here.


Equip yourself with Duncan’s coffee kit to extract maximum Vietnamese coffee flavour and create a refreshing glass of Vietnamese iced coffee. Enjoy phin coffee made popular on the streets of Vietnam in the luxury of your own home.


Experience the combination of sweetened condensed milk and slow drip Vietnamese coffee. The intense sweetness from condensed milk offsets the dark chocolate notes from robusta beans and when poured over ice, you’ll be doing your taste buds a favour for flavour.

  • Duncan Lu’s Vietnamese coffee kit includes:

    • Duncan Lu Vietnamese Coffee (Specialty Vietnamese Robusta) 200g

    • 1 x Vietnamese coffee filter* 

    • Re-usable stirring spoon

    • Sweetened condensed milk 395g

    • ‘How to make iced Vietnamese coffee’ instruction card

    • Step-by-step brewing tutorial on YouTube

    *Coffee filter available in 5 stylish colours: Cardinal Red, Vivid Yellow, Metallic Gold, Diamond Pink and Matte black


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