Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Lettuce Wrap Cooking Kit

Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Lettuce Wrap Cooking Kit

Join me on Duncan Lu and watch my Instagram Live TV as I share with you a family favourite – Vietnamese fish sauce chicken lettuce wraps, for you to participate at your convenience. I go through the recipe step by step, so join this cook-alongif you have NEVER cooked Vietnamese at home before. 

Order your cooking kit to receive all the Vietnamese pantry essentials you’ll need to follow the cook-along at home, and I’ll show you step-by-step how to put the ‘ease’ in ‘Vietnamese’.

We will be preparing light and crispy chicken marinated in fish sauce on a bed of fine rice vermicelli cakes, garnished with spring onion oil, and wrapped in lettuce cups with fresh herbs, along with my nước mắm chấm dipping sauce. This recipe serves four so you will definitely have some of my Vietnamese pantry essentials leftover for another day.

  • Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Lettuce Wrap Cooking Kit includes:

    • Fine rice vermicelli cakes 400g*
    • Son fish sauce 250ml
    • Erawan rice flour 500g
    • Apple cider vinegar 35ml
    • Recipe card and shopping list


    To make this cook-along as accessible as possible, there will be a little bit of shopping required. I recommend shopping for poultry and the fresh ingredients on the day or the day before the cook-alongto ensure best results.


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    *Due to COVID-19 and stock availability, please be aware the brand of fine rice vermicelli cakes may differ.



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