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Pho Cooking Kit

Pho Cooking Kit

Order your cooking kit now to receive all the Vietnamese pantry essentials you’ll need to nourish your family with Vietnamese Chicken Pho - Phở Gà on any given night. The cooking kit provides the necessary ingredients to make the recipe twice.

This recipes shows you how to prepare bowls of silky rice noodles submerged in a pool of aromatic bone broth and infused with eight traditional spices, served with succulent poached chicken. This recipe serves four and you will possibly have some leftover for the next day.


To watch me guide you through this Vietnamese Chicken Pho on YouTube, click here.

  • Pho Cooking Kit includes:
    • Son fish sauce 250ml
    • 2 x 300g pho rice noodles
    • 2 x pho spice sachet
    • Recipe card
    • YouTube Video


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